Porís de Abona


El Porís de Abona is on the south east coast of Tenerife and is one of the sunniest areas on the island within the Arico municipal. A small fishing village with around 800 inhabitants, it is ideal for a relaxing retreat or quieter visit enjoying the local way of life, tapas and sangrias.

From a distance you could spot the white-red lighthouse, emerging from the horizon of Punta de Abona, radiating in the sun. On the other side you will find the tranquil fishing village, set right on the pebble beach. On the stretch of coast between these two landmarks however, are one of the few white sand beaches you will find in Tenerife.

Only half an hour drive away from Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas, El Porís de Abona provides a contrast escape from its touristy  counterparts in the south. The south airport of Tenerife (Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia) is only 23km away, accessible by public buses and car. 


As a small village, El Porís de Abona has always been inhabited by fishermen and farmers with an agricultural way of life. At the beginning there was only a handful of fisherman houses settled towards the rocky coastal slope of El Porís de Abona. Later the settlement expanded and the village was once an important fishing port; but is no longer considered to be due to the decline in the trade and growing tourism.


Though tourism is slowly creeping into El Porís de Abona, the village still expresses the Canarian mentality. It is relaxing and peaceful here with extensive siesta break in the afternoon; you will hardly see anyone one on the street and most of the shops will be closed.

It is worth taking an early morning stroll to the fishing village to observe the locals’ way of life. With the beautiful morning sun on a clear day, you will be able to see Gran Canaria island from here.

El Porís de Abona, like the other villages and towns of Tenerife, has a church at its centre. The church is small but adequate for such a small local village. It has a central bell tower and is located on the edge of the village, overlooking the sea. There is a small children’s park by the church and an ice cream van is resident to the place of worship. It is located in the perfect place for villagers to come for a peaceful and soothing escape.


A feature of this town is the large windmill power station on the hill. You can see many windmills and solar panels which are the main source of electricity and this is one of the biggest energy plants in the whole of Tenerife.

Fishing is still an important source of income for the population with daily fresh catches supplied to local restaurants and those in the surrounding cities.

Though tourism is not as prominent here as in the south, some holiday apartment blocks have started to sprout in El Porís de Abona.



The lighthouse

One of the main attractions in El Porís de Abona is certainly the red-white lighthouse, which is visible as far as from the motorway. It is located in Punta de Abona, close to the white sand beach.

Address: Calle Playa Grande, 38260 Arico, Tenerife.

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (Church)

Travelling from El Porís de Abona towards the direction of Punta de Abona, you will find the Church of Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes is built in honour of the holy mother of Mercedes (1514). This church was quite severely destroyed in the past from many pirate attacks. The church was restored at the beginning of the 20th century.


There are no museums in El Porís de Abona and if you wish to visit a popular museum, a trip to Güímar to see the Chacona House Museum (within the Güímar Pyramids National Park) is recommended.



If you are an experienced surfer, El Porís de Abona is the right place for you. With a powerful surf, unsuitable for beginners, you will find the beach crowded at the weekend but mostly empty during the week.


The beach/promenade is located on Calle Cho Pino and Avenida Maritima and is a relaxing place to go for a walk where you can see the rest of the village. This is a pebble beach where the locals enjoy the sun and have a little siesta.

El Porís de Abona is famous however for possessing one of the few white sand beaches in Tenerife. Just outside the town centre, towards Punta de Abona you will find small, sheltered white sand beaches. As these beaches are quite remote, they are less crowded. 200 metres long and 35 metres wide, Playa Grande is considered to be one of the best beaches in the area for sunbathing whilst taking in some breathtaking views.


There are no festivals directly in Porís de Abona but in the nearby town of Arico, there is the Festival of San Juan Bautista and the Festival of the Virgin of Abona. In Granadilla de Abona there are also a number of festivals. The carnival of Granadilla is on February 10th and the Festival of San Isidro Labrador is on May 15th whilst the Festival of San Antonio de Padua is on June 13th.

Festival of San Juan Bautista

On June 24th, all neighbours and visitors gather and light small fires or ‘hatchets’ to celebrate the Saint San Juan Bautista.

Festival of the Virgin of Abona

In September the Festival of the Virgin of Abona is held in Arico with various activities for children such as a bouncy castle, different workshops and a foam party. As well as this there is a dance procession and a football match.


There is little to no nightlife in El Porís de Abona with it being just a small village full of locals and almost no tourism. There are a couple of small bars where local surfers drink otherwise the nearest town is Arico el Nuevo 8km away or Güimar around 20km away.



There is no shopping in El Porís de Abona, other than the typical grocers, supermarket and bakery. In the weekend there’s a morning market where you can pick up local goods and bohemian clothing. The nearest town to visit to pick up souvenirs and holiday memoirs is El Medano, about 20km away. If you are looking for a larger array of shops there is always Los Cristianos (south) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (north), both around half an hour drive away.