Los Silos


Los Silos is a small town located in the northwest region (also known as the region of Isla Baja) of the island of Tenerife. The area is very laid back and a stark contrast to its neighbouring southern counterparts. There’s no party atmosphere and you will not see the locals dizzily walking out of dance clubs at 3am in the morning. What you can see however, is a beautiful church, a historic town hall and an elevated 30ft whale skeleton! Los Silos is very beautiful and a real insight into what genuine life in Tenerife is like, so if simplicity and unpretentious are what you are after, this tranquil little village town is definitely worth a visit.



Los Silos is a relaxed village town, which resides close to the town of Buenavista. Though its name was first recorded in 1509,  it was believed that the town existed in the late 15th century. It was named after three silos in the area. These silos were built to house locally grown cereal crops and were a key feature back in the 16thcentury.

The population of Los Silos grew significantly around the 17th century as the port of Garachico became prominent. It was not until the 19th century however, that a road is built connecting Los Silos with Buenavista and Garachico. Los Silos was granted the status of municipal in 1921; and Mariano Estanga, a Valladolid-born architect, was the driving force behind the modernisation of the town.


The people here hold religion in high esteem and it’s not surprising considering they have such a beautiful area and church in which to practice their faith! The Virgin de La Luz is the beloved and well-adored Patron in Los Silos. This is evident by the Church of Nuestra Señora de La Luz built in 1570 and festivities held 1st week of September in honour of the Patron. So bear this in mind when you are visiting this area. Any disrespect towards religious structures will most likely not be met with smiling locals.

Los Silos is very laid back and things in this part of the world are not rushed! So it is advisable to shed your hectic, fast-paced mentality, should you have one, before visiting this tranquil little area.


Los Silos relies largely on its local produce. In the local mountain ranges cereals, bananas, wines and potatoes are grown. Sugar cane was an important produce in the 16th and 17th century, with a couple of the sugar cane mills still exist today.

The 70’s witnessed the impact of the island's tourism boom on the service sector of Los Silos. However, this was minor and farming remains the main economy for the region. There are only a handful of hotels and apartments in Los Silos, which shows just how unspoiled this area of the world is. The locals here do not depend on tourist income and interest, so if you want to see a genuine part of the island then this is a pretty safe bet.

How to get there

By Bus:
TITSA bus 107 (Santa Cruz - Buenavista) goes pass Los Silos, it departs around every two hours. The first bus leaves at 07:15 and the last bus departs at 19:15. There is a big gap between the 13:15 and 17:15pm buses though so try not to get caught out. On weekends and bank holidays the bus timetable remains largely the same, however the first bus departs at 09:15.

TITSA bus 363 (Puerto de la Cruz - Buenavista) departs Puerto de la Cruz around every hour between 06:00 and 22:15.

Please note that Los Silos is the penultimate stop. If you find yourself in Buenavista you’ve gone too far!

By Car:
Driving from the south, take motorway TF-1 then TF-82 and follow the signs. Journey from Playa de las Américas for example, will take about 1 hour (59km). If driving from cities in the north (i.e.: Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz), take motorway TF-5 followed by TF- 42. Driving from Santa Cruz will also take around 1 hour.



For such a small town there’s a fair amount to see! The church is a must, and borders on fairy tale proportions according to the locals. There is also the town hall with its rich history and striking internals. If none of these appeal to you however, there’s always the 30ft whale carcass hung up on the coast!

Plaza de la Luz and Tourist Information Centre

Strategically located in the historical centre of Los Silos, Plaza de la Luz is your ideal starting point for exploring the town. Locals love gathering around the Plaza and it is often where some of the local festivals are held. Just in front of this cozy plaza designed by Mariano Estanga, a Valladolid-born architect, you will find the Town Hall, the ex-Convent of San Sebastián and the beautiful white church of Nuestra Señora de la Luz.

Location: Plaza de la Luz, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.

The tourist information centre can be found here:
Telephone:  +34 922 84 10 86 
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 - 13:00, Saturday 09:00 - 14:00. Closed on Sunday.

Church of Nuestra Señora de La Luz

This 16th century church was built in honour of the Virgin de La Luz, the beloved and well-adored Patron in Los Silos. Though completed in 1570, it was the several rounds of installation and construction work in the 17th century that made it the church we see today, with two side chapels - Capila de la Misericordia and Capila del Corazón de Jesús. Its coffered ceilings, gargantuan windows and radiant craftsmanship lend themselves more to a work of art than a place of worship! Purposely crafted to allow an insatiable amount of light pass through its vicinity, this building emits a very inviting atmosphere.

This is a truly ethereal building which definitely deserves a bit of your time while in Los Silos. Worth taking note of is an old painting dated back to 1732 titled “Cuadro de las Ánimas”

Location: Plaza de la Luz, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 09:00 to 12:30 and 16:00 to 19:00.

Ex-Convent of San Sebastián

Opposite the church is the ex-Convent of San Sebastián, founded in 1649 by Captain Sebastián Pérez Enríquez and his wife. This double storey convent has a large wooden deck and courtyard in the middle. From war cells to school to town hall, it has certainly gone through many hands and modifications since 1836. The building was declared a historic-artistic monument in 1986, a close escape from being demolished. It is now the Municipal Library and multi-purpose cultural centre. Its church is now converted into an art exhibition centre (Sala de Arte Sebastián Pérez Enríquez), named after its founder.

Address: Plaza de la Luz s/n (Convento de San Sebastián), 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.

Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) - Antigua Casona de los Trujillo

Directly adjacent to the church you will also find the Town Hall of Los Silos. This official looking building was the expanded and modernised Antigua Casona de los Trujillo, one of the fine examples of traditional Canarian architecture. If you follow the wooden stairs all the way up to the top floor of this building you will find the (very valuable) 15th century gothic panel painting of `the Martyrdom of San Sebastián’ by Alonso Sedano.

Address: Plaza de La Luz, 9, (or Calle el Olivo), 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.
Telephone: +34 922 840 004
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 - 15:00.

Along the coastline of Los Silos

The following sights, in sequence west to east, can be found dotten along the rugged rocky coastline of Los Silos; making it so much more interesting and fun to explore:

The Whale Skeleton

The coastline of Los Silos has recently acquired a new addition…a fully intact, 30ft whale skeleton…that’s right. This monument has been put in place in creating environmental awareness while paying tribute to the oceans. This skeleton of a rorcual boreal stranded on the coasts of the Archipelago was reclaimed in a joint effort of the Canary Island Global Foundation of Nature, Town Hall of Los Silos and Canarias Association of Conservation.

Location: Promenade of Charco de la Araña, Carretera del Puertito (western end), 38428 Los Silos, Tenerife.

Horno de la Cal (Lime Oven)

Travelling eastward down the road from the Whale Skeleton and past the municipal swimming pool, you will find the Lime Oven on your left. Before being replaced by cement in the 1960’s, lime was produced in one of these ovens for construction purposes.

Location: Carretera del Puertito, 38428 Los Silos, Tenerife.

La Casa del Telégrafo (the Telegraph House)

Also known as the ‘cable house’, this tiny little house was erected as a result of underwater cable installation between Tenerife and La Palma in 1883. Restored in 2001, it is often used as a landmark by visitors alike when looking for Playa de Agua Dulce.

Location: Camino Silos a La Caleta por la Rivera del Mar, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.

El Ingenio de Daute (Sugar Cane Mill)

Sugar cane was an important commodity in the 16th and 17th century. One of the sugar cane mills worth noting in Los Silos is the old Daute mill, located on the coast of Los Silos. It is now a banana warehouse can be spotted not far from the Telegraph House.

Location: Camino Silos a La Caleta por la Rivera del Mar, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.



Walking/ Hiking routes

Following are the three main walk/ hiking areas, each offering various walking options, lengths and level of difficulties.

Las Cuevas Negras

Las Moradas


It is advisable that you obtain a walking map and the latest information (i.e.: route condition) prior to attempting these routes.

El Monte del Agua

Fans of majestic flora are in for a treat in Los Silos. Located within the Parque Rural del Teno, El Monte de Agua with its 1,800 altitude range, offers nature lovers a variety of flora and fauna species to explore. Laurel trees, ferns, mosses, Canary Island holly; laurel and Bolle’s pigeons, woodcocks, canaries and owls are some of the species to be encountered.



The coastline of Los Silos is about 5km long and mostly made up of volcanic rocks. The western side of the coast is often referred to as the El Puertito zone. It can be reached via Carretera del Puertito (street), west of Sibora. Here you will find the Whale Skeleton, the pebble beach- Playa del Puertito, municipal swimming pool and a couple of natural rock pools, namely Charco de la Araña and Charco de los Chocos.

Between Sibora and La Caleta (east side of the coast), you will Playa de Agua Dulce and a series of natural rock pools - Charco de Juaniquín, Charco del Cumplido, Charco del Romancito, Charco de Las Damas and Charco del Inglés.

Please note that being natural rock pools, these charcos can often be hard to spot or not suitable for swimming especially in winter due to high tides and the Atlantic sea tend to be rough during this time.

Playa de Agua Dulce

This beach is about 2.5km away from town centre of Los Silos. It is very close to the Telegraph House and Sugar Cane Mill (Ingenio de Daute) but often difficult to find due to its not-so-obvious rocky entrance. The beach consist largely of pebbles but during the summer (especially in September) when the tide is low, it reveals a large extension of black fine sands.



One of the main festivals in Los Silos is the Patron Festivities of Nuestra Señora de La Luz. It is celebrated on the 1st week of September with possession in honour of the Virgen de la Luz, masses and other activities.  Festivity of San Antonio Abad on the 3rd Sunday of January is a fun filled event involving blessing of livestock.

Below is a list of festivities celebrated within the Los Silos region:

3rd Sunday of January – Festivity of San Antonio Abad (Los Silos).
April 28th - May 1st – Patron festivities of San José (San José).
First week of May - Festivities in honour of La Begoña (Erjos).
May 13th - Fiestivity of Fátima (Fátima).
May 29th - Canarian Day - Baile de Magos/ Dance of Wizards (Plaza el Calvario, Los Silos)
June 23rd- 25th – Festivity of San Juan (La Caleta de Interián and San José).
July 20th - Festivity of San Bernardo (San Bernado)
First week of August - Festivities of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes (Barrio de la Tierra del Trigo)
September 8th – Patron Festivities of Nuestra Señora de La Luz (Los Silos)
Second week in October – Festivities of La Milagrosa (Erjos)
3rd or last week of November - Festivities of Santa Cecilia (Los Silos)
November 29th – December 6th - San Andrés (La Caleta de Interián)
December 22nd- 6th January - Christmas and the Three Holy Kings celebration. 



Los Silos town centre tucks away small eateries the likes of cafes and pizzeria. For some proper dining and good food, the nearby towns (near the coast) within the same municipal the boast some good restaurants.

Tasca el Mocán

Address: Ctra. General El Puertito, 79, 38428 Los Silos, Tenerife.
Telephone: +34 922 841 358

Restaurante La Piscina

This restaurant serves all sorts of food from chicken to salad, at a reasonable price. An average meal will cost you under €6 and the service provided is both friendly and punctual. Of course, those with a pallet for more expensive foods, such as steak, will have to fork out a little more money. This restaurant also specialises in seafood.

Address: Carretera El Puertito, s /n, 384Los Silos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38428, Los Silos, Tenerife.
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 - 22:00



Los Silos is a very laid back town and the majority of the nightlife here takes the form of a quiet little bar with no more than 4-6 inhabitants at one time! Some examples can be seen by:

Bar La Luz

This cafeteria/bar combo harbours an extremely chilled atmosphere and offers a fair amount for a cheap price.

Address: Calle Félix Benítez de Lugo, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.
Telephone: +34 922 120 038.

Bar Mimos

Mimos is one of the more upbeat bars in this neck of the woods, with its offer of live televised sport and classic Spanish music.

Address: Calle El Olivo, 4, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.



Los Silos possesses a few grocer shops containing fruits and vegetables, along with local produce. There are some high market shops, selling clothes and other stylish productions, but these are few and far between. The weekly agricultural market is worth checking out.

Agricultural Market

Apart from local fresh vegetables and fruits, you will find bread, confectionary, cheeses, honey, flowers, leather and artisans’ crafts available for sale in this agricultural market.

Address: Plaza de La Luz, 38470 Los Silos, Tenerife.
Opening hours: 09:00 to 14:00 on Sunday.