Beaches in Playa de las Américas

Playa de las Américas is most famous for its range of pretty beaches. You will not be disappointed when you wriggle your toes into the imported Sahara sand and lay your eyes on the unique tiger print effect that this collection of sand creates.

Playa de Troya I and II (also known as Playa de las Américas I and II)

Playa de Troya I and II are two beaches located in the centre of Playa de las Américas’ promenade. These beaches are awarded the ‘blue flag’ in 1998 for complying with the European Environmental Education Foundation (FEE) regulations. With a backdrop of mountains towering up from behind, the beaches are dotted with fanned palms; tiger print sand and many Tahitian style umbrellas. Located directly on the promenade is the Monkey Beach club; here live DJs mix and a range of events are planned and put into action. Although fairly pricy, there is a selection of restaurants nearby offering good quality cuisine. Playa de Troya presents itself as an up market beach, therefore generous amounts of euro is essential!

Playa de Guincho

Playa de Guincho is located just a short distance away from Playa de Troya. This magnificent beach is popular with water sports such as kite and wind surfing but it is not ideal for sunbathing due to its rocky shore. The sand in Playa de Guincho is an attractive caramel shade, and the whole beach appears cut off, in the way of a secret hideaway.