Sights and attractions in Fañabé


There are no museums or art galleries in Fañabé itself, but art lovers can check out the following museum in Adeje (the municipal Fañabé belongs to).


Museo de Arte Sacro (Museum of Sacred Art)

The Museum of Sacred Art opened in May 1995, after previously serving as a chapel of the former Franciscon Convent. A rich collection of mainly religious pieces are kept at the museum as an important part of the town’s cultural heritage. The Gobelm Tapestries portray themselves as the gem of the museum; with their ribbons of pastel tones in light green and lemon yellow fixating into the retina of the observer. These mythological tapestries were donated in 1745 by the Marquise of Adeje and the Countess of La Gomera. The unusual detail of the plant illustration indicates that they are of French origin and part of the famous Manufacture des Gobelins of Paris.

Opening times: Monday- Friday  09:00- 13:00, 17:00- 19:00