Sights and Attractions in Adeje

Iglesia de Santa Úrsula (Santa Ursula Church and Fortress)

Santa Ursula church is situated in the town centre of Adeje. Built in the 16th century on a hemirtage, the church houses Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (the Patron Saint); it was renovated and enlarged in the 17th century. Worth noting is the Mudejar styled ceiling over the chancel. The church has a unique rectangular form and architecture not usually found in Canarian churches; such as a small idol positioned on a pedestal on the steeple. French tapestries from the same century are also an unusual element to the church, along with a duplicate figurine of the patron saint; the original was lost during a land slide in 1826. The text engraved into the figurine itself remains unsolved, but has formally been interpreted as Iberian or Estruscan (which is an ancient language now spoken in parts of Italy). Santa Ursula church consists of a chapel with two isles either side made of stone. The majority of the church is also made of stone and painted glass windows, while the body of the parish house is occupied by engravings of bland language. A new tower was built in 1993 attached to the north facade of the church.

Address: Plaza España, 13, 38670 Adeje, Tenerife.
Telephone: 922 780 152

Casa Fuerte (The Strong House)

After a freak fire in 1902, most of the political, economical and social history of the Casa Fuerte was destroyed. Its remains exist as a ghost of the Ponte family; and of the 17th century period of slaves and pirates. The historical remains of the Casa Fuerte lie within the town of Adeje.

Address: Casa Fuerte,Calle El Molino, Adeje, Tenerife.
Opening hours: Casa Fuerte is unfortunately not open to the public, but its beauty can still be admired from outside.


Adeje Centro Cultural

Built facing the mountains and looks like a ship, the Adeje Cultural Centre is certainly worth a visit. This is where temporary art exhibitions, music and theatre performances take place. Latest agenda/ events can be obtained from the venue or drop in the Tourist Office (C.C. Plaza del Duque or under 922 75 62 07) for more details.

Address: C/ Príncipe Pelinor, s/n 38670 Adeje, Tenerife.
Telephone: 922 756 246
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 09:00 to 21:30


Iglesia del Convento de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe y San Pablo (The Convent Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St Paul)

The Convent Church was founded by the first Marquis of Adeje, Juan Bautista de Ponte Fonte y Pagés, in 1679. Today, only the convent itself remains but that doesn’t stop it being declared a Property of Cultural Interest by the Official Gazette of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands for its artistic features (baroque style moulding, marble carvings, pine ceiling panels, and stone columns) and historical landmarks.