Mozaga is geographically located in the centre of Lanzarote island. Belonging to the municipality of San Bartolomé with only 375 inhabitants, it is not the most urban places on the island but nevertheless offers a few interesting sights worth visiting. One of them is César Manrique’s Monumento al Campesino, the “The Peasant's Monument", built in honouring the rural community of Lanzarote island for their hard work and dedication.


Boasting its very own winery Bodega Mozaga, Mozaga town is the perfect starting point of the island's wine route. The stretch of LZ-30 road between Mozaga and Yaiza (in the south) has most of the island's wineries dotted along it. These wineries offer wine tastings and a couple of them also feature excellent restaurants.

Away from the hectic of the tourist resorts, holiday-makers in Mozaga can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island's nature and its volcanoes. Yet, the village is still close enough to popular destinations such as the former island capital Teguise, today’s capital ArrecifeLa Santa, and Caleta de Famara.

How to get there

By Bus:
From Arrecife, you can take buses 16, 20, 52, 53 to Mozaga. These buses run collectively every 1-2 hours between 07:00 - 21:40, Mondays to Fridays (less frequent on weekends).

From La Santa, buses 16, 52 and 53 runs similar frequencies to Mozaga.

By Car:
Mozaga can be reached via LZ-20.
The best way to explore Mozaga and its surrounding towns or the wine route along LZ-30 is with a rental car. Driving allows you the flexibility of hopping on and off any sight or winery as you please. However, the driver is to be mindful of the drinking limit. Alternatively, there are many wine tours departing from major resorts of the island.


When in Mozaga, the Monumento al Campesino is not to be missed. The volcanic landscapes which surround the wineries provides an unique contrast to the typical lush vineyards you would expect back home.

Monumento al Campesino

César Manrique’s Monumento al Campesino, the “Peasant's Monument” is a landmark that is known all over the island. The monument of 15 metres symbolises fertility and pays tribute to the local farmers; recognising their importance to the island and the struggles that they are constantly confronted with. Built out of tanks from old fishing boats by Manrique, its completion has raised greater awareness of modern art. When looking at the abstract sculpture from different angles (and with a little bit of fantasy) a farmer, a donkey and a dromedary can be discerned.

The Monumento al Campesino is situated in the Casa del Campesino, which is a settlement of workshops, a museum of handicraft, souvenir shops, bars and a restaurant at the Hotel Caserio de Mozaga. The restaurant offers its guests enjoyable visits with culinary specialties and music. The Mozaga wine is especially popular and can be relished here.


Address: Carretera Arrecife-tinajo s/n, Mozaga, 35550 San Bartolomé, Lanzarote island.
Telephone: +34 928 520 136
Opening hours: daily 10:00 - 18:00
Restaurant opening hours: 10:00 - 16:30
Admission fee: free


Wine lovers should not miss the numerous wineries along the wine route (LZ-30 road). Mozaga with its popular Monumento al Campesino and Bodega Mozaga (winery) is an excellent start of the wine tasting journey.

Bodega Mozaga

Founded in 1880 and still following the traditional Lanzarotean way of growing grapes from volcanic ash, no wonder the wines in Bodega Mozaga are distinctive and have won many prestigious awards. Malvasía is the main wine produced here, along with Diego and Moscatel.


Address: Crta.Arrecife a Tinajo, Km 8, 35562 Mozaga, Lanzarote island.
Telephone: +34 928 521 409
Opening hours: 08:00 - 18:00