Things to do in Tarajalejo

A haven for watersports enthusiasts, Tarajalejo has plenty to offer. For those who prefer to relax and catch some rays, Tarajalejo Quay is perfect. There are also many other activities in the nearby resort of Morro Jable: quad bike and buggy, red bullet speed boat trip and fishing trip are all possible with the free transfer offered.

Aquarium and Centro Hípica

Situated on the outskirts of the town, adjacent to the FV-2 motorway, this small but compact saltwater aquarium contains over 120 species of fish. It’s open from 10.00–13.00 and 16.00–20.00. Address: Carretera General Tarajalejo, 35627 TarajalejoTel: +34 928 161 351 If you don’t know your cod from your carp, the Centro Hípica stable next-door offers horse riding lessons and treks costing €20 per hour. The premises also contain a restaurant and bar.

Tarajalejo Quay

Situated under the jutting headland towards the east of the town, the quay contains a long bench on which you can relax after a day on the waves and marvel at the king-sized crabs that scuttle amidst the rocks below.

Watersports Fuerteventura

Offering a wide range of activities that include windsurfing, surfing, kayak fishing, snorkelling and catamaran sailing, this accommodating organisation is equipped to fulfil all your nautical needs. A catamaran taster course, particularly popular with tourists, costs €60 for 2 ½ hours tuition.Address: Hotel R2 Bahía PlayaTelephone: +34 928 161 399Email: [email protected]

Camping El Brasero

If you’re planning on staying for a few nights, this nifty campsite is equipped with two swimming pools and a gym. Costing €8 per head, there are discounts for stays over 15 days.Address: Tarajalejo, 35629 Tuineje Tel: +34 928 16 10 01