Overview of Tarajalejo

Nestled in the lee of a hillside, Tarajalejo, is located in the southeast of Fuerteventura island. Still very much a traditional seaside Canarian town, complete with its own customs, the town boasts a close-knit community and a fishing-based economy. There is also a beautiful beach which remains untouched by tourists.

In the last few years the town has experienced a steady growth in its infrastructure with the construction of apartment blocks and modern hotels. However, if you are looking for authenticity, a short walk into the old town, originally an infinitesimal fishing hamlet, will provide you with ample opportunity to sample and witness local produce and craft.

Although the town is beginning to generate an influx of tourists, often keen to hit the surf, it is still a quiet affair, which makes it the perfect location to get away from it all.

How to get there

There are currently no direct buses to Tarajalejo. Your best option is to travel to nearby Gran Tarajal which is served by buses 1, 10 and 18 from Puerto de Rosario and Pájara respectively (please see section on Gran Tarajal for more information).

If driving from the airport, follow the FV-2 southwards.


Make no mistake about it, the locals of Tarajalejo place a strong emphasis on diligence. Older generations still remember the days of no electricity and mains water when many parts of the island were subjected to poverty. This resolute nature has clearly been instilled in the elders’ children and grandchildren who retain a fierce pride in their work, fishermen in particular.


Historically, the town’s economy has always revolved around fishing. However, in recent years Tarajalejo has also made a concentrated effort to cater to the arrival of tourists which has seen the erection of several hotels and modern seaview apartment blocks.