Sights and attractions in Corralejo


Corralejo's main attraction is its stretch of fine sand dunes at the Natural Park of Corralejo on the east coast. The historic windmill is also worth a visit.

Parque Natural de Corralejo (Natural Park)

Here you can witness the beauty of the sand dunes, which are now a protected nature reserve. It is a perfect place for a leisurely stroll, relax in a sun lounger and catch some rays or even a swim. Whilst it gets windy enough to windsurf here, there is enough shelter along various parts of the beach to enjoy sunbathing without your towel flying away. Most hotels in Corralejo provide free shuttles to the dunes, but irregularly. Alternatively, you can drive, catch a taxi or take the Tiadhe bus number 6 towards Puerto del Rosario. For those going by bus, ask to be dropped off just before the Riu Hotel. There's a small shop by the road near the stop where you can stock up various essentials such as food, drinks and sun blocks.

The Windmill of Juan Morera (Molina)

The windmill was built in the 1940’s by Rafael del Toro using materials from the island of Lanzarote. It has been named as a piece of much cultural interest and is worth going to see whilst in Corralejo.


There are no museums in Corralejo and if you wish to visit a museum you will need to travel to La Oliva (17km) or Puerto de Rosario (34km).