Beaches in Corralejo

Apart from the long stretch of dune beach at the Natural Park of Corralejo (see Sights), Corralejo boasts a couple more sandy beaches that are well worth a visit during your stay.

Playa de Corralejo Viejo, Playa de Muelle Chico de Corralejo and Playa la Clavellina

Corralejo has miles and miles of beaches with the most significant being Playa de Corralejo Viejo beach, which is approximately 200 meres in length; and Playa de Muelle Chico de Corralejo beach, about 110 meters long. There is also the Playa la Clavellina, which is situated next to the old harbour. Each of the beaches has lush golden sand, and calm waves. As with most beaches on the Canary Islands, the atmosphere at the beach is laid back and relaxing.