Beaches in Caleta de Fuste

A series of calm sandy beach coves trace the shoreline of Caleta de Fuste. Playa del Castillo beach, the biggest and the most popular, offers extensive facilities and the more 'happening' atmosphere. Venturing southward from the main beach, you will find a few more sheltered bays along Lugar Diseminado la Guirra.

Playa del Castillo beach

The large beach, Playa del Castillo, is great for families and has very calm, gentle waves and a soft flat entrance into the sea, offering safety for children unlike some of the other beaches in Fuerteventura. This popular beach is located in the south of the marina and is pretty hard to miss. There are volleyball courts, shower facilities, and many restaurants and cafes on the beach promenade. Beach chairs and umbrellas are also available for rent.