The "Junk" Festival in Tenerife

Fiesta del Cacharro, also more funnily known as the “junk” festival, is a celebration in honor of Saint Andrew. Taking place annually on the 29th of November, this festivity is very popular in the north of Tenerife island especially in the township of Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos. This island festival is also closely coincide with the opening of wineries where wine are paired with clay-pot roasted chestnut and salted fish.

On this day, young children and their not-so-young playful parents flock to the streets, fulling their string of “junks” behind as they run about. The objective was to create as much noise as possible to attract attention. Back in the 70s and 80s when the celebration was more splendour, you could see all sorts of “junks” being dragged use. From pots to washing machines and bathtubs... anything ridiculous and fun the locals could get hold of. Nowadays, the “junks” used are less extreme. Most often seen are tin cans being strung on a wire, not lacking in creativity nonetheless.

Legend has it that making loud noise with pots help to scare off witches and bad spirits. Another tells that San Andrés was drunk a day after his celebration and had to be woken up by the sound of kids clanging pots. A more valid source states that back in the day, on the eve of Saint Andrew’s, wine makers would wash the wine barrels at the coast with sea water. They would roll the barrels down the hill creating massive noise, and this noise is what the children and youngsters are trying to reproduce nowadays, with anything they could collect days leading up to the celebration.