Jeep safari in Maspalomas

Some of the most breathtaking views of the island, along windy roads that lead through the arid gorges of the area surrounding Mount Tejeda, are most effortlessly enjoyed from the comfort of a back seat of a 4X4. You will gain access to some pristine countryside with stunning views over the refreshingly green pine woods, seductive reservoirs, and volcanic mountain tops – just beware of the sometimes extreme drops in temperature (from 20-30° to -2/3°) that occur with altitude rises of up to 2,000m between the beaches and the mountain peak.

Route Grancan Jeep Safari tour
Price from: €47.00 per person
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Route Grancan Jeep Safari tour

Scenic journey through remote areas of Gran Canaria. Be fascinated by the volcanic landscapes, mountains, gorges and Valley of Thousand Palms. Visit typical village and marvel at the cave houses and history of the Guanches.

Duration: 7 hours